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Once you have exchanged your financial disclosures, you should download and fill out the following forms:

1.  JDF 1115 Separation Agreement. (Word | PDF).  This form contains the agreements you and your spouse have reached pertaining to the division of assets and debts, and the payment of maintenance.

2.  JDF 1113 Parenting Plan.  (Word | PDF).  This form is only needed if you have children.  This fill-in-the-blank form contains your parenting schedule, decision-making designations, and child support issues.

3.  JDF 1820E Child Support Worksheet.  (Self-Calculating Excel Spreadsheet).  This form is only needed if you have children.  If support is payable, you must attach a child support worksheet to the parenting plan.  There are also manual worksheets, if you're knowledgeable and brave enough to do the calculations - not for the faint of heart:  JDF 1820M Worksheet A (Word | PDF) for sole physical care (one parent has fewer than 93 overnights), and JDF 1821M Worksheet B (Word | PDF) for shared physical care (each parent has at least 93 overnights).

4.  JDF 1116 Decree of Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation.  (Word | PDF).  Fill out the caption.  Leave the review date blank.  Fill out the following sections:

  1. Tick "Appeared in person" if you have minor children, or "Signed a Non-Appearance Affidavit" you there are no minor children.
  2. Tick "The Court has read the Non-Appearance Affidavit" (if no children), or "The Court has considered the Evidence and Testimony Presented" (if children).
  3. Tick "The Court has considered any Financial Statements"
  4. Tick and date the appropriate box for the service of process method (joint filing, service, or waiver).
  5. Tick paragraph 5, pertaining to the separation agreement.
  6. If children, tick paragraph 6, pertaining to parenting plan.
  7. If applicable, tick paragraph 7, pertaining to the name change.
  8. Under the Orders on page 2, tick either that a decree of dissolution, or a decree of legal separation enters.
  9. Tick that each party shall comply with the separation agreement, and indicate when the separation agreement (and, if applicable, Parenting Plan) was filed with the Court.
  10. If either child support or maintenance is payable, tick that the Support Order will become part of the decree.
  11. If there is a name change ordered, fill in the relevant information.

5.  JDF 1117 Support Order.  (Word | PDF).  This form is only needed if there are minor children, or one spouse will be paying maintenance to the other.  Fill out all required information, including which spouse will be providing the children's health insurance.

6.  JDF 1201 Affidavit for Decree Without Appearance of Parties. (Word | PDF).  This form is only used if there are no minor children, and, strictly speaking, is NOT available for Legal Separation cases.  Fill out the form, and sign/notarize it.  As with the decree, indicate the service of process method, and other necessary information.


Do not file the documents at court yet. Instead, complete them to the best of your abilities, and bring them to the Initial Status Conference for review by the domestic court facilitator.