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Download the forms that you will need in advance.  This Guide references the necessary forms for each step in the process in yellow.  The forms can be obtained from:

Colorado State Judicial Branch Forms.  The Colorado Supreme Court has all of the basic Colorado family law forms available in both MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.  This is your best source for the statewide Colorado divorce forms referenced in this Guide.

4th Judicial District Web Site.  The El Paso and Teller County District Courts have a few of their own unique forms - they are available on the court web site in both Word and PDF formats.

Each of these sites also has instruction sheets available for download, which explain both the general process, and also give guidance for filling out specific forms.

The Colorado Judicial Branch has an interactive map of Colorado judicial districts.  Simply click on your location on the map, and it will take you to a page with information about the district, and, if applicable, a link to that court's web site, where you can you find out about the specific procedures or forms used by that district.


Note:  When local practice is referenced, The D.I.Y. Divorce Guide is based upon the 4th Judicial District forms and procedures.  Since each of Colorado's judicial districts can set its own procedures, and may have local supplements to the statewide forms referenced in this Guide, check your local judicial district to make sure you comply with their requirements.